Hello, Gerry and Kathy,

We hope all is well with you and your family! We had an interesting experience a few days ago and thought we would tell you about it.

A couple of weeks ago during a wind storm our neighbor’s surfboard flew over the back wall, bounced a couple of times, and hit the side of our house, leaving a 3″x2″ hole in the stucco. We stopped by Sipco Stucco and talked with Bill (the owner) about the repair. He remembered doing the stucco on our house and drove up an hour later to fix the hole. It only took him about fifteen minutes, and now you can’t even see where the hole was. He was very friendly and nice and didn’t even charge us for the house call. He told us just to “pay it forward.” He was very complimentary of you, and we wanted to pass that on to you. Every business we’ve ever talked to about your company has always had good things to say. We think it’s great you have such a good reputation with the people you work with! We went to a movie last night and saw the Stucki Cottages advertised before the show. Sounds like your business is doing well! Good for you!

We’re doing fine and especially enjoying the cooler weather. Take care until next time.

Warm regards,

Brian and Ramona